A Winter Without

Across the globe, families face a freezing winter without access to the support they need.

Families Face A Freezing Winter

Across the globe, millions of families face a freezing winter without life-saving essentials. As the harsh weather batters down, life becomes an unbearable struggle, pushing families to the very brink. 

Fragile tents provide little protection from the heavy snow and rain, leaving families dangerously exposed to the elements. Staying warm is a hopeless challenge. In makeshift camps, hypothermia poses a severe threat.

From Syria to Palestine, from Afghanistan to Yemen, families will go through the freezing months without food, shelter, warmth and hope. 

This winter, we’re on the ground providing life-saving relief. As well as emergency aid such as food, fuel and blankets, we’re building new homes so that families have a roof over their heads for years to come. 

Don’t let families face another winter without hope. Help us deliver emergency winter aid today.

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Support Our Winter Emergency Response

On The Ground

 This year, we're on the ground in multiple countries providing families with life-saving winter aid.

£150 Syria Cash Assistance - cash grants (3 months) for a family

£130 Syria Winter Emergency Pack - Non-Food Item (NFI) kit for a family

£60 Yemen Winter Emergency Pack - clothing kit for a family of five

£50 Palestine Winter Emergency Pack - clothing voucher for a family 

£50 Pakistan Winter Emergency Pack - winterization for a family 

£68 Lebanon Winter Emergency Pack - food parcels, blankets and hot meals

£50 Jordan Winter Emergency Pack - vouchers for food and fuel  

£55 Afghanistan Winter Emergency Pack - clothing kit for a family

Support our Winter Emergency Response today. 

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Build A Home This Winter

This winter, we're on the ground in Syria and Pakistan building new homes for families displaced by crisis. In Pakistan, around 2 million homes have been damaged or destroyed in the disastrous floods, leaving families extremely vulnerable. 

In Syria, 11 years of conflict have created the world's largest displacement crisis. Countless families face a bleak winter without any form of shelter. 

By supporting our Build A Home project, you can ensure that displaced families have a safe, secure home that is built for the future. 

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