Seasonal Projects

Our seasonal projects ensure that the most vulnerable are able to cope with the seasonal changes during the year and celebrate the holy month and religious festivals alongside the hardship of conflict and poverty. Our seasonal projects include Ramadan and Eid ul Adha. Food packages are provided to families during Ramadan as well as Eid gifts to orphans and disadvantaged children. Iftar meals are distributed to fasting families.
Qurbani meat is distributed during Eid ul Adha. During the winter season, essential items including warm clothes, fuel and food is distributed to vulnerable families affected by war and poverty.

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Every year during Ramadan, Action For Humanity contributes to mitigating the suffering of the most vulnerable people by distributing nutritionally balanced food packs and hot meals (Iftar and sahoor). Eid gifts are also distributed to children in refugee and IDP camps. AFH assures that these items are locally procured and distributed in informal internally displaced (IDP) settlements, camps and collective shelters. Carefully selected local suppliers complete the process of packaging, closely monitored by our teams in the field to ensure quality. Each basket contains nutritional food items which are selected following the food cluster standards. AFH aims to complete all food parcel distributions before the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

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286,859 people benefitted from our seasonal programme in 2021

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