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With the world facing growing humanitarian needs, taking action for humanity has never been more important. 

We're on the ground in countries across the globe providing aid, building resilience and laying foundations for a better future. 

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Our interventions are built around the Humanitarian-Development Nexus. When emergencies strike, we act and mobilise. We respond immediately to ensure the most vulnerable are protected, basic needs are met, and lives are saved. Our work is driven by immediate response and delivery, but we stay long after a disaster to help restore lives and recover communities. Our accumulated knowledge, effective delivery mechanism and centralised model allow us to reach those in need, faster.


Our headquarters are based in Manchester, UK, but our Action For Humanity family is global. Our implementing offices include Iraq, Yemen and Turkey, while our operational offices are in Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon. In Somalia and Pakistan, we operate through our country partners.



We prepare communities by reducing the risks of future impacts, which helps people to recover faster in the event of a disaster. We address the underlying vulnerabilities of potentially impacted communities and groups during the preparedness phase.


Our Emergency Response Team (ERT) is always ready to provide timely and effective responses to any disaster through immediate humanitarian interventions. We empower communities to rebuild their lives and enter a recovery and development stage as soon as possible.


Communities which are vulnerables to shock, become less vulnerable when they build resilience. We help build capacity to mitigate the impact of disasters, through community-led approaches. We empower communities to understand how to be better prepared for crises, how to respond and how to develop.


Every person has the right to quality education, healthcare, food, income and clean water. We develop sustainable interventions to empower positive impact for marginalised communities whilst aligning our projects with the Sustainable Development Goals.


We Provide Immediate Aid

We strive to mobilise, respond and restore lives when disaster strikes. Our focus is to respond immediately to ensure the most vulnerable are protected, their basic needs are met and lives are saved.

We Are Open and Accountable

We create a climate of trust inside and outside the organisation by being open, honest and transparent. We take full responsibility for our actions and commit ourselves to the highest standards of integrity.

We Speak Out

Injustice is an anathema, we empower communities to speak out against it. We hold governments and international players accountable for their actions by lending our voice to those oppressed and marginalised.


A world of crises-resilient communities.


To mobilise and respond to emergencies and critical needs through humanitarian, development, and peace building action, in order to empower affected communities to survive, recover, and build a better future.


Believe in the cause

We believe in supporting people in need. Changing and saving lives for the better is what drives us. 

Work together

Teamwork is the backbone of our work’s success

Give with grit 

Being a ‘gritty’ person means to show resilience and act with optimism, confidence, and creativity as you strive for excellence.

Make life better 

Ultimately, our work is to make life, in its holistic sense, better for everyone, and everything, including the environment.


Our story begins in the UK back in 2011, shortly after the start of the Syrian conflict. Dismayed by the rapidly unfolding crisis, a group of doctors of Syrian heritage founded a charity to provide relief.

This charity was called Syria Relief, and was initially assumed to be a short-term project. However, as the conflict raged and humanitarian needs spiralled, it quickly grew in both size and scope. 

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Rapid Growth

From running Syria’s largest non-governmental education programme, to reaching 250,000 people per year through medical projects, the scale of Syria Relief’s work continued to grow. By 2015-16, the charity was reaching roughly 2 million people per year. 

The five years between 2015 and 2020 saw the charity expand its geographical focus to include neighbouring countries such as Jordan and Lebanon. This focus was expanded further following the escalation of the Yemen crisis, with Syria Relief using its expertise to assist people affected by conflict, famine and disease. 

2020 was a landmark year for Syria Relief. The organisation reached a total of 10 million people around the world in all key thematic areas. It was also the year of the Beirut disaster. The charity responded by providing food and non-food items to the affected population. 


The Present

The start of the new decade saw the most significant moment in our story so far. To reach even more people affected by conflict, disasters and poverty, Syria Relief became Action For Humanity, an international NGO that now works in more than 10 countries. 

Action For Humanity’s remit is simple: when emergencies strike, we mobilise, respond and restore. 

From supporting survivors of the Türkiye-Syria earthquake, to rebuilding Pakistan in the aftermath of the floods, we’ve responded to multiple emergencies and changed countless lives. 

But this is just the beginning.

We won’t stop until we achieve our vision of a world of crises-resilient communities. Give your support today.



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