We have led the way in providing life-changing support for displaced and vulnerable families forced to flee with nothing.


Kholoud's Children See a Bright Future!

Kholoud and her two children fled Syria in 2015 after a four-year siege. Sadly, Kholoud's husband passed away, leaving her to care for her children alone in Lebanon. Without family support, finding work has been a challenge for Kholoud, and initial help for refugees in camps has decreased over time.


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Abdulraheem Wants a Better Life for His Children

"Surviving the day is what matters most." Father-of-nine Abdulraheem can't sleep at night due to constantly worrying about his children. He fears that the wooden tent in which they live will blow away or collapse. His first priority in life is a good life for his children. They are deprived of everything. The family urgently needs support, just to afford the basics. Sponsor a family like Abdulraheem's today.


Family Sponsorship

Syria & Yemen

Living in makeshift camps with limited access to food, water and with no opportunities to work, families are unable to break free from the spiralling cycle of poverty in which they are trapped.

Through our family sponsorship programme, your monthly donations will support the resilience and potential of disadvantaged family members. Desperate families will receive financial support to cover their basic needs. We have a waiting list full of families who need your generosity. 

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Iraq, Palestine, Syria & Yemen

Many children are born into lives of fear, deprivation and exploitation and during emergencies, they are often the most affected. These projects aim to improve the lives of all these children, especially orphans.

Action For Humanity has a comprehensive Orphans and Child Welfare programme, including Orphan sponsorship. This provides everyday essentials they need to survive including nutritious food, clothing and better medical care. We also try to ensure that children go to school, and their medical needs are taken care of.

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Suhaila Sleeps on an Empty Stomach

“I hope things get better, not worse, for the children’s sake. So they could live a better life than ours.” Suhaila lives in a tent with her husband and five children. Money is so scarce that going to bed hungry is a daily occurrence. With Eid fast approaching, Suhaila has asked her son to work, as this is the only way she can afford new clothes for him. “We can’t afford it, so I haven’t bought him any for the past three Eid celebrations.” Families like Suhaila’s urgently need your support. Sponsor a family today.