Without access to adequate healthcare, people are at risk off falling ill more frequently and the rate of mortality also increases. Action For Humanity aims to increase access of vulnerable families to healthcare facilities by working closely with local communities and by providing them with cash and other items. We are making health facilities and medication accessible for almost 300,000 people in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon.

3.5 billion people, over half of the globe, do not have access to health services and 800 million people spend 10% or more of their household budget on health expenses. We believe everyone deserves access to medicine and healthcare facilities, and that if someone or their child is sick they shouldn’t fall into poverty to pay for it.

Our Health

Whether it’s emergency care, maternity, paediatrics, or regular medical care for chronic illnesses, vaccinations and mental health support, we ensure people get the life-saving support they need. We ensure affected communities have access to appropriate healthcare and strive to mitigate the impact of poverty on health.

In 2019 alone, we helped 379,423 people from our far-reaching health projects. 6771 benefitted from our mobile clinics which travelled to some of the hardest to reach areas of Syria. Our expert medical team also developed and taught Hostile Emergency Surgical Training to medical professionals on the ground in Syria and Turkey.

In Syria, our prosthetic limb clinic has assisted 1,000 beneficiaries. In Bangladesh 45,000 Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazaar received healthcare from our static healthcare centre.


Support Medical Projects

Maternity and Post Natal Hospital

Duhok, Iraq

Dohuk Maternal hospital is the only facility providing maternal, pre- and postnatal services in Duhok governorate, Iraq. Yet, it is suffering from poor infrastructure and lack of medical equipment. The maternal and paediatric needs of this catchment area is only served through 23 Basic Emergency Obstetric and New-born Care services units (EMONC). These facilities need more support in terms of provision of equipment and improving the infrastructure of Host Community, Refugees and IPDs.

In 2020, our hospital recorded 17,785 deliveries among them 6,074 were C-sections and 720 infants needed incubators. In this regard, AFH will focus its intervention on post-natal care throughout the provision
of high-quality incubators to reinforce the efforts of the Hospital to accommodate more infants. The intervention will be conducted in coordination with Duhok Directorate of Health, which will provide the technical specifications for the incubators.


Action For Humanity’s Health and Nutrition Mobile clinic has seen a gradual increase in the number of beneficiaries in 2021, with around 24,000 beneficiaries receiving health and nutrition services through mobile clinics at camps. While there were 12,000 beneficiaries in the first half of 2022, due to the escalation of violence in Northern Syria, this number is expected to increase significantly over the coming months.

The selected beneficiaries are internally displaced people affected during the conflict or have been impacted by the ongoing war. They are in dire need of primary health care and nutrition services, in addition to providing healthcare for pregnant and lactating women.

Action For Humanity with the help of its donors will provide support to cover the expenses of 2 Health and Nutrition Mobile clinics for a period of one year with the intention of continuing. The funding for one year will contribute to the cost of providing internal, paediatric, gynaecology and outreach activities.



Idlib, Syria

Syria has entered its 11th year of conflict. The health sector has been badly damaged with only a few hospitals fully functional. Most of them are running on low staff and without basic equipment. With the spread of COVID-19, the people of Syria are left more vulnerable without the facilities required to fight against this disease. 

Action For Humanity is raising funds to not only provide hygiene and health care kits along with
awareness to curtail the spread of the virus but is also aiming to provide existing hospitals with
mechanical ventilators to help decrease the death rate in the country.

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Covid Emergency Response


Action For Humanity are providing 150-300 hot meals per week for outreach services across Tameside and Manchester for the homeless. Over 30,000 meals have been prepared, cooked and delivered. While also building local food security capacity by training around 100 volunteer community cooks weekly.

We also provide ‘basic essentials’ support for the vulnerable, elderly and refugees in the UK including medical aid. Recently, our efforts included facilitation of new clothes for Afghan refugees with the help of the UK Home Office. We are also working with local cluster on both, the Covid Response and the Afghan refugee crisis. We want to ensure that Action For Humanity is recognised as key players in any local response that is benefitting our community.


Dialysis Machine for Hospitals

Idlib, Syria

As the Syrian crisis enters its eleventh year, the health system remains heavily disrupted. While attacks on health care in 2020 fell by 67%, the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with economic downturn in the country, has pushed the health system to the brink. In 2021, only 58% of hospitals and 53% of primary health care centres were fully functional.

The cost of health services, lack of medicines and fear of exposure to COVID-19 has replaced distance, overcrowding and long wait times as the main self-reported barriers to health access. 86% of surveyed households who sought health services in the previous three months reported having to pay out-of-pocket for care.

This project will directly help patients who need dialysis treatment and cannot afford them. Action for Humanity will procure and donate a dialysis machine to a hospital in Idleb (where most needed) and will cover the cost of machine’s operation for 8 patients for one year.


Neonatal Care to Children and Mothers

Idlib, Syria

Action For Humanity delivers critical health and nutrition services in Idlib and Aleppo governorate, focusing on pregnant and lactating women, new-borns, and children under 5 with a focus on the first 1000 days of life to protect, promote and support life-saving practices. The programme provides access to life-saving health and nutrition services through its previous and current support within local maternity hospitals, primary health centres, nutrition centres, mother-baby areas and extended outreach services. The nutrition programme also has a stronger focus on building capacity of health, nutrition and outreach workers to ensure that basic health and nutrition services are extended at household level, to ensure support to the most vulnerable and immobile.

The project activities aim to reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality through the provision of antenatal care (ANC), safe delivery, early initiation of breastfeeding and postnatal care (PNC). Services will be provided through the RH units/clinics within the supported nutrition centres. Action For Humanity will train midwives on refreshing IYCF (Infant and young child feeding) concepts and best practices with a special focus on early initiation of breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact, including within the first few hours after delivery.

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Prosthetic Centre


Action For Humanity Prosthetic Centre has seen a gradual increase in the number of patients waiting to receive prosthetic limbs. In 2020 around 50 patients were added every month on the waiting list and due to the escalation of violence in Northern Syria, this number is expected to increase significantly over the coming months. The selected beneficiaries are amputees and the disabled, either injured during the conflict or have been impacted by the ongoing war. They are in dire need of artificial limbs, orthopaedic devices, and long-term rehabilitation care.


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500,000 people benefitted from our health programme in 2021

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