UK Domestic Projects

Action For Humanity's COVID Response campaign was started at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis providing 150-300 hot meals per week for outreach services across Manchester for the homeless. Over 30,000 meals have been prepared, cooked and delivered as well as building local food security capacity by training around 100 volunteer community cooks weekly.

We also provide ‘basic essentials’ support for the vulnerable, elderly and refugees in the UK. Recently, our efforts included facilitation of new clothes for Afghan refugees with the help of the UK Home Office. We are also working with local cluster on both, the Covid Response and the Afghan refugee crisis. 

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Our UK Domestic Projects

In partnership with the Union of Catholic mothers, Action Together and Age Concern, we have also been able to distribute 500 healthcare packs donated in kind by Everest Pharmacy Group. We consistently supplied weekly hot meals throughout the height of the pandemic and continue to build capacity by expanding our student group of batch cookers.


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