We are supporting Lebanon through our seasonal food aid projects reaching 17,000 people with food parcels. Along with medical and education projects, learn more below.


Humanitarian Overview

The crisis in Syria has had a profound humanitarian, socio-economic and political impact on Lebanon. With just under 1 million registered Syrian refugees in a country of 4 million inhabitants, Lebanon has the world’s highest number of refugees per capita.

The country is in the grip of a severe economic crisis. This manifests into depleted savings, growing debt and increased difficulty in accessing income. Poverty and food insecurity levels are high, with 30% of people living below the poverty line. Among Syrian refugees, this situation is particularly acute - 76% live below the poverty line. 

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Support Our Lebanon Projects

Seasonal/Food Aid

Across Lebanon, more than 2 million people face food insecurity. Through our Seasonal/Food Aid projects, we reached around 17,000 people with locally sourced food parcels. The standard food parcel will include rice, cooking oil, lentils, tomato paste, pasta, sugar, chickpeas and tinned meat/fish.

During Eid al-Adha, we distribute vouchers for clothing to children, orphans and families in need.

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122 Syrian refugee children have benefitted from our regular medical projects. These include orthopaedics surgeries and consultations for children who suffer from hip dislocation and bone malformation.

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Through our Education Programme, we provide access to education to hundreds of refugee students. This intervention focuses on core subjects, namely Arabic, Mathematics, English, Sciences and Geography. 

The targeted students are those of primary school age - between the ages of 8-14. Additional courses are tailored to the needs of Syrian refugee children, including psychosocial support programmes, resilience and critical thinking. The project increased students’ knowledge of computer science and developed their innovation and creativity skills where computer, applied science and robotics laboratories are available. 

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Orphan/Child Welfare and Family Welfare

Lebanon’s economy is in a critical condition due to compounded crises. Through our Child and Family Welfare programme, we support thousands of people through cash grants. Amid skyrocketing poverty, this is crucial in boosting resilience and helping families access the basics. 

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