Build a Home in Syria

Rebuild Syria One Home at a Time

Adequate shelter is a fundamental human right but across the globe, 80 million people are displaced from their homes. Thanks to your support, we're building new villages inside Syria so that displaced families can live with dignity and security. 

Construction of our first and second village is complete, and construction of our third village is ready to begin!

Help us rebuild Syria one village and one home at a time.

For £2,500 per family you can provide people with a new home featuring two bedrooms, a kitchen, electricity, water and all other utilities.

Millions live in tents, fragile shelters or sleeping on the floors of bombed out buildings like schools and mosques. These shelters lack proper bathing and cooking facilities, they have insufficient space and they provide no protection. They lack dignity. They are temporary shelters, they are not homes. Each winter extreme flooding in Syria causes damage to tents forcing families to flee their shelters once again, damaging what little property they have left. You’ll be more than building a home, you’ll be building hope. 

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Day by day, brick by brick, we're achieving our goal of rebuilding Syria!

Construction of our first and second village is already complete, and 1,250 displaced families now have safe, warm homes that are built for the future! 

But this is just the beginning - with your support, we will continue until no family is left behind! 

Help us rebuild Syria today.

Rebuilding Syria

The February quakes killed more than 47,000 people in both Turkey and Syria, where more than 1.5 million people are in temporary shelters. In our recent report released in March 2023 to mark 12 years since the start of the Syria conflict, Action For Humanity found that 9 in 10 people in Northwest Syria who had already been displaced at least once by the conflict, were displaced again by the earthquake.

We're entering Phase 3 of our housing project. This will see the construction of 500 homes for displaced families, each featuring a kitchen, sleeping area and separate living space. This phase will also see the establishment of a school, primary health centre and place of worship. 

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Phase 2 - Massa Village Opening - You Built This!

In March 2023, Action For Humanity welcomed 500 Syrian families into a new village in the al-Baab district of Northwest Syria.

The village is named after 10-year-old Massa al-Najjar, who was killed in Febuary’s earthquake and was the niece of Yarub al-Asfari, Action For Humanity’s Deputy Country Director for Syria.

The Massa Village has already accommodated hundreds of the displaced families into their new homes, providing safe and secure shelter for many who have been forced to live in tents due to last month's earthquakes and the ongoing conflict.
We have already built 500 homes prior to this in the development and, looking into the future, we aim to build a further 1,000, for another 6,000 people, in the next phase.

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